Low Cost on Demand Delivery

Affordable Way to Enjoy the Fastest Same Delivery to your Doorstep

Wide Range of Deliveries

We have Customised Solutions for all your Delivery Needs, From Food, Small Items and Large Goods to Sundry Perishables like Groceries

Add Packages Service/Lorry Rent

Utilize our ‘Add Packages’ Service that caters to all Individuals or Businesses of any size by engaging a Particular Driver from the Range of 3 to 12 hours per day

Buy 4 U

Furthermore, “Buy 4 U Service” enables Users to Make Orders through our Drivers within RM100 and Pay Only upon the Receipt of the Goods

Out Station Service

Wide Delivery Parameters provide Users with the Maximum Possible Service Radius. Simply Click on Our ‘Outstation Trips” Option where we have expanded Our Services to enable Rural, Urban Areas Coverage

Your Friendly Delivery Partner

Trained and Professional Delivery Partner will be Handling your Deliveries. Your Deliveries are in Save Hands


Enter Delivery Route

Choose Single or Outstation Delivery

Enter your Pick Up Point and Drop Point

You can Schedule your Deliveries Instantly Up to 14 Days in Advance

Step 1

Select a Type of Vehicle

Select a Delivery Vehicle that Suite you in the Most Comfortable Way, can be Bicycle, MotorCycle, Car, Pick Up, Van or Lorry

Step 2

Order Confirmation

Choose the Type of Delivery Goods, and put in Remark for Delivery Partner
Apply Coupon if Available and Select Payment Method

Step 3

Track Order in Real Time

You can Proceed with GPS Tracking of Your Deliveries in Real Time and have absolute Peace of Mind

Step 4

Our Diverse Fleet of Vehicles

Let’s FoGoMove Do The Heavy Lifting For You!


Can the Driver assist me in the handling of the goods?

Simply select helper service on our App and our Driver will assist you in the handling of the goods to your doorstep.

How do I Verify the Delivery Status of My Parcel?

Users will be able Track and Monitor the Delivery Progress of the Driver via the ‘MyOrder’ Page on the User’s Account Interface itself and Notified Instantly once the Order has been Completed.

How does the ‘Add Packages’ services work?

Our ‘Add Packages’ service is an add-on service which helps you save more as users can opt to utilize a particular Driver from the range of 3 to 12 hours for a single order transaction for instance if users have more than one drop off point.

How do I place an order?

Select your preferred stop of either ‘One Stop’ or ‘Multipoint’. Users may add an indefinite amount of pit-stops for one order!

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