Fleet of Professional Delivery Partners

Fleet of Professional Partners runs the Gamut from Bicycle to 3 Ton Trucks and Refrigerator Vehicles

Real Time 24/7 Support

Our Experience and Trained Account Manager will Advise you to Maximise your Business Logistic

Save Overhead Cost

Cut the Unnecessary Expenses Salaries, Staffing Issue or Purchase of Vehicle When Deliver with FogoMove

Expand Your Business to Intercity

The Need for Local Delivery Partners increasing as a Remote Work become Our New Normal.

Take your Business One Step Forward by Expanding to Intercity with FogoMove.

Corporate Account - One Stop Management

With FoGoMove on Demand Delivery Service the Corporate User is can have Peace of Mind and Less Hassle

One Digital Platform - Manage Everyday Logistic Needs

With Our API Support Integrate your System to Our Platform for your Everyday Business Deliveries


Business Owners can Sign Up the Corporate Account Form and Submit. The Form will be at the Front Page of the User Application once Downloaded.

API Integration - FogoMove API enables Corporate User to Integrate with FogoMove to Place Order Automatically.

For Bulk Orders Account Manager will advise you to Maximise your Business Logistic.

Insurance Claim and Competitive Price for Corporate User.


How Can I Register for a FoGoMove Business Account?

Users can Opt to Register by Filling Out their Details on Our Corporate Account which can be Found on the Front Page of Our App.

Do Corporate Users Get a Weekly Account Statement?

By Signing Up with Our FoGoMove Corporate Account, Corporate Users will be provided With a Weekly Statement by the End of Every Week that Shows the Details of the Transaction Made.

Does FoGoMove Offer Any Special Discounts to a Business Account Holder?

Looking for Ways to Stretch your Money for your Business? By Registering with Our Business Account, you will be able to Save More and Spend Less with Our Top Notch Rewards and Benefits whenever you Sign Up with Us.

What are the Types of Business supported by FoGoMove?

With the Extensive Range of Industries covered by us for Instance Retail, Furniture and F&B Industry, We aim to be the Best Service provider by providing customizable options for all Goods that suits your Business. Bringing all your needs onto a Single Platform for a Fuss Free Experience.

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