Privacy Policy


We at FoGoMove Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (FoGoMove), recognize the importance and need to process all personal data obtained in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 ("Act”). We endeavour to protect your Personal Data by ensuring that the statutory requirements stipulated in the Act are met.

As a rule of thumb, this Privacy Policy describes and illustrates how your Personal Data is collected, used and processed when you access our website, mobile based applications, features and our Services.



We may use the information provided by you in the following manner:

  • To facilitate our services, including but not limited to, to process transactions in a swift and secure manner, to provide customer support to our users, develop new features and send product updates;
  • Personalize and improve our services to you which includes recommending content, features or details that are tailored to your needs as a user;
  • To send information or details that may be of interest to you including details of latest promotions, services, advertisements and events.
  • Internal Operational which includes troubleshooting software bugs and operational issues, data analysis, research and development and to analyse user activity trends.



Information provided by User 

We collect Personal Data provided directly to us via the following manner:-

  • User account registration;
  • On-demand delivery services;
  • Social media platforms, contest or events organized by us;
  • Surveys or via customer support.

Information obtained via use of our Services

Your Personal Information may be collected by us when you use our Services for instance:-

  • Location Information (Pick-up and Delivery locations);
  • Details of Transactions (for instance amount charged, payment method, distance travelled and other related transaction information);
  • Log Information ( such as details of IP address, access date and time, pages viewed, browser used and other related activity);
  • Personal Information obtained via the use of our In-App features;
  • Usage Information (for instance information with regards to user interaction with our services, preference and content viewed);
  • User ratings and feedback of our Services.

Information obtained from Other Sources

We may also acquire your Personal Data from Other Sources which may include but not limited to marketing service providers, website that uses our application programming interface (API) (or other API that we use), financial providers, referral programmes and publicly available data.

Personal Data of Third Party

By engaging with our Services, there may be instances whereby Users may disclose third party’s personal information (for instance family members, relatives or friends). In the event these personal data has been disclosed by you, you hereby warrant that you have obtained their approval and consent for their Personal Data to be used and processed in line with the Terms set out in this Privacy Policy.

Personal Data Disclosure

In principle, the Personal Data supplied to us by you will be kept in a secure manner, however we may permit the disclosure of your personal data to our service providers and affiliates which includes but not limited to :-

  1. Service providers (for instance vendors, financial providers and marketing consultants) in areas such as customer service, data analytics and consumer research;
  2. Subsidiary or affiliated companies
  3. Government authorities;
  4. Other users of our Platform or Services

Protection of Personal Data

To ensure the safety of your Personal Data, we have heighted our security measures to maintain the security of information provided by you which includes but not limited to hashed password storage, SSL certificate signing and TLS encryption.

Personal Data Update

We encourage you to update your information from time to time to ensure that the Personal Data provided by you is accurate. It is your duty as a user to inform and update us on the changes to your Personal Data or in the event your Personal Data is incomplete, inaccurate, or out of date.



Cookies are widely used by websites to provide a wide range of services that we find online. Users may choose to disable cookies through your browser or device settings.

For further details on how cookies are managed, please visit our Cookie Policy Page.



Our Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time. Any material changes made to this Privacy Policy in the future will reflected on this page. Your continued use of our Services shall constitute your consent to the changes made to this Privacy Policy.



Our platform may contain links to other websites that are managed by other parties for instance our business merchants or payment affiliates. We are not liable for the content of the privacy policy of these linked sites. However, you are advised to check on the privacy policy of those websites on how the information collected from you is handled.



We do not knowingly collect information from minors nor provide any of our Services or the use of our Platform to minors. By engaging our Services, you hereby warrant and agree that you have reached the age of majority and you are capable of comprehending and accepting the terms stipulated in this Privacy Policy. If you are a minor, you may use our Services with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. In the event that such Personal Data of a minor is disclosed to us, you hereby consent and authorize the processing of the Personal Data of the minor and agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy and to be responsible for the minor’s actions.


For further information and insight on the use of our Services please visit our Terms and Conditions section.





This Cookie Policy illustrates how we at FoGoMove manage cookies on our website and should be read in line with our Privacy Policy. By using our Services, you hereby agree to the use of our cookies in line with this Cookie Policy. You can choose to opt out from the use of our Cookies by disabling cookies on your computer or other related devices.


What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a small piece of data stored on your browser or device which enables us to “remember’ your actions and preference (for instance user name, language) over a duration of time when you visit our site. Every time you use our Services, you will be prompted to accept or refuse cookies. Users can set their browsers to decline the use of specific type of cookies. You can also delete cookies at any time.


How Cookies are used?

We use Cookies to recognize your browser and device, to learn more on your interests and to provide our users with essential features which includes:-

  1. Keeping track of your specified preference via the use of our Services which includes user demographics;
  2. Recognizing users when you sign in via our Services. This enables us to provide product recommendations, personalized contents including relevant advertisements which may be of interest to you;
  3. Conducting research to improve the quality and effectiveness of our contents, products, services and advertisements.


Types of Cookies Used

1. Strictly Necessary Cookies

Strictly necessary cookies are cookies that are essential for the functionality of our Services for instance signing in, adding items to cart or e-billing. These are cookies that do not require user consent. They allow for a user to navigate back and forth between pages on our website without losing their previous actions from the same browsing session. These cookies also allows our server to maintain a dialogue with your device so that Users can carry out their browsing activities.

a) __hs_initial_opt_in This Cookie ensures that the banner does not always display when users are browsing in strict mode. This Cookie allows Users to select “yes” or “no” and will lapse in 7 days.
b) __hs_opt_out This cookie enabled via the opt-in Privacy Policy to “remember” to not ask the User to accept cookies again in the future. This cookie will enable users to select “yes” or “no” and it expires in 13 months.
c) __hs_do_not_track This Cookie is used to ensure that the tracking code does not send any information or details to HubSpot. This cookie consists the string “yes” and will lapse in 13 months.
d) hs_ab_test This Cookie is used to provide Users with the version akin of the A/B test page which users have previously browsed. This Cookie will lapse at the end of the browsing session.
e) __hs_cookie_cat_pref This Cookie is to “remember” the details of the categories a User has agreed to which will lapse in 13 months.
f) __cfruid This Cookie is set by the HubSpot’s content delivery network (CDN) source which will lapse at the end of the browsing session.
g) hs-membership-csrf This cookie secures the details of the membership logins as it comprises of a random set of letters and numbers to verify the authenticity of the membership login. This Cookie expires at the end of the session.
h) <id>_key This Cookie is used so that subsequent visit to the site while using a password protected page via the same browser do not require user login again. The Cookie is distinct for each password protected sites which expires in 14 days.
i) hs_langswitcher_choice This Cookie ensures that user’s preferred language choice is stored when browsing sites in various languages. The Cookie lapses after 2 years.
j) hs-messages-hide-welcome-message This Cookie ensures that the chat widget welcome message does not appear again for a day after it is discarded which expires in 1 day. This Cookie also entails a Boolean value of either “True” or “False”.
k) Hs-messages-is-open This Cookie is used to ascertain and store as to whether the chat widget open for subsequent site browsing. The Cookie entails a Boolean value of “True” if present and the Cookie will lapse in 30 minutes.
l) __hsmem This Cookie encompasses a series of encrypted data that identifies registered users whereby the Cookie is enabled when users browse in to a site hosted by HubSpot. This Cookie will lapse in 1 year.


2. Preference Cookies 

These are non-essential Cookies which is also known as “functionality cookies” allows for a website to “remember” user choices and preference made in the past, for instance, language preference, region. These Cookies also enables us to personalize content for our users and to deliver more relevant advertising to you.

a) analytics.js This Cookie is used to differentiate distinct users and also to throttle the request rate.
b) hubspotutk This Cookie keeps tabs on user’s information and details. It consists an opaque GUID which illustrates the present user. This Cookie expires in 13 months.
c) __hstc This is the principal cookie used to track users on our site which expires in 13 months.
d) _ga This Cookie is enabled to differentiate visitors whereby the Cookie lapses in 2 years.
e) _gid This Cookie is to differentiate users which expires in 1 day.
f) <id>gtag.js This Cookie enables to differentiate distinct users.
g) _gac_gb_<container-id> This Cookie entails marketing related data.
h) _gat This Cookie is used to control request rate.
i) _ga_<container-id> This Cookie is used by us to persist session state whereby this cookie lapses in 2 years.


3. Marketing Cookies

These cookies track your online browsing activity to enable advertisers to deliver more relevant advertising or even to limit the number of times a visitor will see an advertisement. The data stored in such Cookies would be shared with other advertisers or third parties. This Cookies may be on your browser by us or via third parties on our behalf including but not limited to HubSpot and Google.


4. Managing your Cookies

If you do not want sites to store cookies on your browser, you may opt to block, delete or disable cookies.

To find out more on the use of site-related cookies, please visit the cookie and privacy settings on your browser or device.